I'm going off to uni soon and I was planning on getting one of those laptop amp programs. I think I've settled on the Jamvox 3 but I'm not sure about what I should use to connect my guitar to the laptop (I'm sure there's some name for it, an 'audio interface'?). I've done a bit of research but thought I should ask for some advice. I've found this http://www.roland.co.uk/products/productdetails.aspx?p=1263&c=665 but was wondering if anyone here had any recommendations or thoughts/experience with the roland such as does it lag or is the sound quality decent. I've got a budget of around £50-ish.
I use a Line 6 Pod Studio interface.... and guitar rig...

and I am sure u can get the roland to do the same... without any recognizable lag......
if youre just planning on practicing i would probably suggest using something similar to jamup or another SmartPhone/Ipad processor.

less hoops to jump through, otherwise the line6 ux1 interface is small cheap and usable.

i believe it comes with pod farm as well.
I know nothing about it, but one thing I can tell you about "Uni," college or whatever they call it is GET OUT OF DORM HOUSING ASAP!!!

There is going to come a time when you live in a piece of crap house with a bunch of drunks, pizza will hang from the ceiling fan (how did it get there?!) you will contract five different types of parasites, and may be arrested for something. These will be the best times of your life!!

This will be the ultimate mind-expanding experience, and your growth as a person and as a musician will be immeasurable. Buy the lap-top thing. You might like it, might not. I had a combo amp with a distortion pedal in college. Then I bought some cheap mics and stuff and began recording, never looked back!

Personally never had much luck with Direct Input of any kind, which is why I encourage you to get into at least some shared/rented real estate. Devote a closet or basement to your music and you'll be a lot happier person for it!

Moldy pizza and athletes foot be damned!!! (For the first one just get a dog, and for the second one pee on your feet. I'm not kidding!! Urine kills those buggers.)

Have fun at Uni.
Yes, what you are looking for is called an interface.

There are lots of recommendations for them in the stickied threads over in the Recordings forum.
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Sorry for taking absolutely forever to reply to you all but thanks for your help. I went with the roland in the end.