I've just installed a Seymour Duncan Nazgûl / Sentient set into my seven string Jackson. The current configuration is a single push pull volume knob as a coil tap.

The issue is that there seems to be a massive difference in the outputs - the Sentient (neck) is overpowering the Nazgûl (bridge) completely. Has anybody else had this issue or have I wired it incorrectly?
Just thought I would update how I fixed this problem. Turns out that on the push/pull pot, one of the connections had came loose but still looked attached, simple fix and now the pickups sound amazing.
Cool, I have the same set in my Jackson 7 string. I had the opposite problem with the bridge lacking sound, turned out the wires I taped off were not stripped enough.

I really dig the nazgul.
Can't have a more metal sounding name than Nazgul Almost wanna buy one just because of that.