I've started to build my own pedal board but then come to the conclusion of not having a multi power supply to power all my pedals.

i was just wondering if anyone could recommend a half decent one to me

Somebodys already told me about the JOYO.

Just need to know if there would be any other brands worth having a look at !

Cheers, Lew
Budget? You can spend a lot of money on these.

If you're looking to go cheap though, I use the Artec Power Brick. It's been on my board for a couple of years now, gigged loads, and never let me down.
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i personally like TREX. mainly because it looks cool. I've also heard voodoo labs work. probably like $100-$200 depending on the size of your board.
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I like my Voodoo Labs Pedal Power. I ran my EMG pickups off the 18V line with zero noise (EMG recommends not doing this because of noise). It has also been running pretty much 24/7 for the past 3 years without a hiccup.
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Pedal power 2 plus. I have it, and from what I see from these posts (there were a bunch lately) it's a good go to for other people, too. Keep in mind cheaper bricks may not be isolated, so you introduce pedal noise depending on what you buy. How many pedals do you run?
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The first step is to inventory your pedals and figure out exactly which voltage and amperage demands you have, then buy the one that exceeds those needs by 20-50%. You can spend an insane amount of $$ on a simple power supply transformer or get a pretty simple one that works just as well for most applications.

My pedal board is pretty simple with all pedals running on 9VDC and only drawing 600ma total. A One Spot covers me well for $20 with zero added noise or problems. A friend needs 9V, 12V, 18V and draws over 2000ma for a pedal board that looks like it belongs to The Edge so he opted for the Voodoo Labs for $200.

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+1 for the onespot if you're only powering up to 6 9v pedals. The onespot is great for just a few common pedals but I currently am an example of what Cajundaddy is talking about. My pedalboard is growing and I've outgrown my onespot and using it combined with 2 dedicated adapters (damn ehx) and batteries. I could use a better power supply. But the onespot is great for a smaller (2-6) pedalboard.
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Personally, the most bang for buck is the Decibel Eleven Hot Stone Deluxe...been using that, excellent, quiet, reliable....
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i have a BBE Supa Charger. nice unit. allows for different voltages, etc. i bought it a while ago when BBE was REALLY cheap new ($60) through an ebay store that actually was a legit vendor. its been nothing but great for me. it even survived a little bit of liquid on it i just shut it down right away.

i have two onespots. cheap. hassle free UNLESS you have a reverse polarity pedal (some if not most fuzzes are) so you would need another adapter for that pedal.

i have several rigs at any given time, so thats why i have three. also i do not run a huge board (usually tuner 2-3 OD;s delay. sometimes adding a wah or

however most of my gigs are just through a trem-o-verb with a boost (which it really doesn't need).

or if i take the nitro out, i go right in and have the foot switch.

so i don't do a lot of it.

have fun. i would definitely second the voodoo lab pedal power as well
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