Listened to Karoo Mammals which had some really cool elements. I loved the progression of the song and a lot of the textures are super cool. Sometimes the vocals feel like they're dragging it down. They get a little flat (I don't mean in terms of pitch) and lifeless feeling. That guitar solo seemed a bit too lo-fi in relation to the song but I can see what you were going for and I'm sure others would disagree with me. Good stuff though and nice website!
Thank you for the kind reviews! "Karoo Mammals": sounds kinda 80's, which is fine by me. Like the intro synth. Vocals sound pretty unique, remind me of someone, but can't put my finger on who; though later it reminded me of Gary Numan (a compliment). Nice lead guitar playing (kind of reminds me of The Cure): I get the impression you purposely suppressed the lower frequencies, which gives it a unique sound, though my ears are unusually sensitive to high frequencies. Liked the palm-muted guitar in this (I think) & "Year of the Flood". I never hear them anymore on the radio, but your music reminds me a bit of David and David (I like their popular hits, they had a couple) instrumentally. I think these songs could have gotten radio play in the 80's, though the organ in "Flood" sounds very early 70's (fine by me). Nice songs, I like them!