Hey guys I was wondering if I could get your opinion on this multitrack I mixed and mastered. I got it from cambridge-mt.com and the song is called "Burning Bridges" by Dark Ride. I didn't go too crazy with the mixing because it's more of a mastering test but yeah let me know what you think!

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I don't know g I think ur mixing process was pretty good but ur mastering I didn't agree with to me it could have used more on the eq on the high end to bring up some air and defiantly cut more on the mudd frequencies and theres no rule u cant eq the shit out of a song ive seen plenty of engineers eq the crap out of a mix forget that 1 or 2 db rule crap ive seen ky the engineer eq the crap out of a full mix and his mix is off the chain and I defensively would not recommend protocols stock plugins to master at all g but its all good.
Cheers man I've always thought the same thing about EQ'ing the high end I've been pretty cautious with the 2db rule but it's all in the ears I suppose.