looking for a guitar used for thrash and heavy metal, so far my two optioons i like are the

Godin redline 1
b.c. rich gunslinger

which is better?
Personal preference. Try out many if you can and see what you think, out of those two Godin though.
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Well that's not a very specific request, and one that can be fulfilled by a ton of different guitars from several brands. Do some shopping around. Hit up your local stores. Partly just because it's good to support your local places, and also because it's a VERY good idea to physically play the exact guitar you're going to buy, before buying it. Rather than picking a model, and having a random one sent to you from a warehouse.

As for brands with good guitars in that price range. There's several options from Schecter, Ibanez, Jackson, ESP/LTD, among others. Go see what the local places have in stock and try some out. I'd personally recommend a Schecter, because I've got experience with them, and I'm always impressed, particularly with their lower-end models. Look for a Damien Elite, Omen, or Stealth. All really sweet, and sell for $300-$500.
Used Ibanez RG550 or 570 or 560, etc are some of the best shredder guitars period, let alone for the money. The early Charvels and Jackson Professionals from Japan are also right up there at the top. The new Charvel Pro Mods are pretty dang shreddy also. These assume you like thin shreddy necks. These also assume you are open to used.
LTD MH 350/351/400/401. With trem has FR without trem has NT.

Best imo.
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UPDATE: I am mostly a rhythym guitar player.

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UPDATE: I am mostly a rhythym guitar player.

ummm.... then why a shred guitar. would think that a guitar that is good for rhythm needs would be better (chord clarity, heavy sound etc.)