So here's my situation.

I have a Laguna LE200GMS electric guitar currently sporting Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom strings (10,13,17,30,42,52).
I play songs in different tunings ranging from Standard (EADGBE) to Drop A (AEADF#B).
As you can imagine, in the lower tunings, my strings become way too loose and muddy.
They're usually fine all the way to Drop C.
So I decided to buy a pair of Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky strings (12,16,24p,32,44,56).
In the hope that they would allow me to play comfortably in Drop B, B flat and A tunings.

So my question is would I be able to tune back up to Standard with the Not Even Slinky's?
Would the strings snap? Would they be too tight to play? Would it damage my guitar?

I'm not well versed in scale length but it's 12 1/4 inches from the nut to the middle of the 12 fret which would make my guitar a 24 1/2 scale correct?

If it's possible for me to completely switch to the Not Even Slinky set that would be great, but I'm open to other options as well.

Is it possible to use the Not Even Slinky's when I want to play in the lower tunings and put the Skinny Top Heavy Bottom's back on for Standard and Drop D?
Or is taking off and putting back on the same set of strings a bad idea?

Would mixing and matching the two different sets help?

Ideally, I'd have two different guitars, one set up the Slinky's for heavy tunings and the other with the Skinny Top's for higher tunings but I don't have that kind of money.

Anyways, any answers, help, thoughts or comments are much appreciated.
The .012 strings would be a lot of tension on most (or maybe all) guitars in standard tuning. Given the scale of your guitar, it's definitely too much tension. Not only that, even if you were to use lower gauge strings, it's not a good idea to change tunings in one guitar, especially a change that drastic.
It's not ideal but you certainly won't damage anything running 12s at standard. Plenty of people actually do this out of preference - hell I had flat wound 13s on my 335 for years.

The main issue is going to be playability.
A guitar set up properly for 12s at E is gonna be basically unplayable below B. The neck relief required for the string tension at E will probably having the strings laying on the frets at those low tunings. Be prepared to endure a higher action at standard tuning if you want to set it up to cover both.

And of course, they'll be stiff, so bends and such will be hard work. Especially compared to how they feel when you're down-tuned.

Changing tuning all the time is still preferable to reusing strings. Don't do that.
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According to MusiciansFriend, Laguna LE200's are 25.5" scale. Plenty of blues players (Stevie Ray Vaughan comes to mind) played huge strings on their guitars in E and Eb, but they certainly had those guitars set up specifically for that.

I'm not sure that you'd do permanent damage to the guitar, but you probably wouldn't enjoy the experience of tuning Not Even Slinkies to E, with the tension, intonation, and action issues you'd face.

Changing strings would probably be wiser. But here's another idea: how bout using a capo? You may lose access to a few frets but you'd have a quick, easy, and cheap solution.
Thanks for all the responses! I like the capo suggestion I hadn't even thought of that, I will be trying that out with the not even slinky's. I may try tuning to standard eventually and see what it's like, it might not be too bad with a truss rod adjustment.

If worst comes to worst I can switch back to the 10's or maybe try a set of 11's.