rip it apart
go ahead and mark it
ride into the city
and run through the mar-ket
see it in their faces
the race has start-ed
blood stained carp-et

im all alone
one heart
one face
no home
at my thrown
but I'm just being stoned by my clone
i groan i moan
i throw up my hands and a middle finger is shown

this can't be it
i just can't quit but i can't make it
maybe its just me......and im just unfit for it
but under this i sit

thoughts deceiving
dropped the remote
can't believe what I'm seeing
on tv
what I'm perceiving or maybe I've got it wrong
and I'm just disbelieving
these thoughts increasing

the epa
the fda
violence round the world
and billys gay
everyone with something to say
I liked this one and liked the way you used rhymely words in this song. I have gone through some of the songs you have posted in this forum. This one seems better by far.