Hi guys,

So I'm wanting to get prepared for that terrible inevitable moment where my Mesa/Boogie Mark V dies on me and its not just a fuse. I'm looking at buying new tubes for it (which are expensive if you didnt know) so I'm just trying to do everything right the first time.

With my limited experience, and good luck with tube amps, I'm assuming I should buy at least 1 pair of power tubes and another pair of preamp tubes? I've read that the preamp tubes die less often than power tubes, but I don't have any spares for pre or power right now.

Any other suggestions guys? Thanks.
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Quote by Ippon
I'd go with 2 pairs of 6L6s and 14 12AX7s to taste.

Ippon, why two pairs instead of a quad? i think you are just saying a two pairs like the OP phrased it, but it shouldn't matter at all as long as each pair in the corresponding sockets?

so a quad?

OP i wouldn't personally change preamp tubes until you need them. the power tubes are what are live a shorter lifespan.

honestly for 6L6's i would go JJ's, cheap reliable, and i have had good luck with them (on a MKIV as well as other amps).

but i would at least pick up one or two preamp tubes.
Quote by Ippon
I was mirroring AWACS' use of pair instead of saying quad.

that is what i thought. i just wanted to verify because if it was something different i don't like passing on bad information.

One thing to keep in mind. Mesa can void your warranty if they find out that you've been using anything other than their tubes in your amp. So, if you do decide to go for anything else like JJs (which I would) keep the Mesa tubes and swap them in if at any point you need to send it in for warranty repair.

I generally keep a matched quad or two matched pairs around as a backup. Generally I keep one or two spare preamp tubes around, but honestly I've never had one die, and keeping a full set just seemed silly.
mesa are relabels. they could be anything just sayin'. i would go with JJ's but that is me.