I'm looking at a used 12-string Yamaha FG720S-12.

Are these decent guitars for an inexpensive model? Anything I should know about that might scare a new guitar player away?

All comments welcome.

Thanks in advance.
yamaha makes some of the best entry level guitars in the industry.
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12 strings have to be checked over more carefully that their 6 string counterparts, especially if they're used.

Most importantly, check to see that the bridge isn't lifting, and there is plenty of white saddle showing above the bridge proper. This is so the action can be brought down to where it should be, (if necessary), to allow good playability. 12 strings often need to be set lower than a 6 string, as they're more difficult to finger. This is offset somewhat by the fact they require a lighter touch in strumming, so buzzing shouldn't be much of a problem.

Also check that the sound board isn't, (badly), caved in, in front of the bridge, nor puffed up excessively behind it. Check for any cracks in the top along the sound board braces. One last thing, check to see that the neck heel is not separating from the body.

That about does it.

Use a "12 string light", string set, (010 to .047), preferable phosphor bronze, 80/20 brass alloys are too strident for most 12 strings.

Keep it tuned to no higher than, D to d standard, despite whatever else you may hear, and have fun.