I recently got a killer deal on a used Vox V848 Clyde McCoy reissue ($80, near mint condition, with the carrying bag). It works fine, and I like the overall tone & sweep, although I realize there are differences compared to a vintage Clyde. I don't really want to get a "build a Clyde" kit---this pedal is fine, but I want to make a couple simple changes that I've heard will bring it closer to vintage. I'm looking to change transistors Q1 & Q2 from MPSA18-040's to BC109B's with an hfe of 350-400. My understanding is that the lower gain transistors will add more low end, which would be an improvement in the first half of the pedal throw. I don't plan on changing the red Fasel inductor to a halo right now. Would simply changing the transistors necessitate changing any resistor or capacitor values as well? Also, any suggestions about online sources that have BC109B's in that hfe range (that's the hardest part to nail down---I'm lucky if it says "average of 400")?
Have a look here:

Go about halfway down the page.
Wah Mod #3 (Look at the other wah mods as well), has some info for you.