Under the Lights and Laputian Lullabies, its the first song on my profile http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Betaciao/

Been awhile since I tried uploading things, and its hard since I moved because I had to freakin do rough vocal takes on the hammock at night since my housemates where asleep so its not the best.

But I just want to get a feel of if you think its good to continue work on it and refine it. I have the tools to get it to good quality, its just after working on something for hours I feel the need to share to make sure I'm not just full of myself.

Thanks and I C4C!
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I feel like this could easily become reggae if you played the chords with a different rhythmn. But I enjoy the laid back feel to it. The arcade type synths sound rlly good! Very original sounding. Starts to sound poppy around the chorus but I like the chord progression a lot! The tone for the chords could definetly be better though, the lead tone is much better. Probably more of a phaser or a little more reverb would make it sound perfect and fulfill a trippier sound. I love the arpeggios btw! The vocals could be a bit stronger but it sounds good for what your going for. The solo around 3:25 sounds really good, spacey even. Nice job dude!

C4C please?
"In D sharp": Good guitar riffs, like that bend up thing you did occasionally. Some drums, bass & vocals could make it even better perhaps.

'Lights & Laputian': vocals are a little pitchy at times, but otherwise good. Guitar playing & riffs are quite good. Drums are fine. Nice synths & electric bass. Good song writing.

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Thanks very much guys I'll give your tracks a listen. Believe it or not there's no synth in under the lights. The only digital instrument I used was the glockenspiel sound you hear out of the right headphone during the verse parts of the song, and the drums of course. Everything was guitar treated with different effects I came up with on my pedal board.