Hey there, gym goers.

What metal albums get you most pumped up when you're lifting? I have been experimenting for few weeks and I got these three that work pretty well:
Slayer - God Hates Us All
Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power
Krisiun - The Great Execution
I noticed that the angry vocals get most out of the exercise.

Which albums work for you?
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Devildriver - TFOOMH

Y'know what NOT to listen to at the gym? Type O Negative. Seriously, that's like an audio demotivational poster.
I'll listen to anything from Iron Maiden to Gojira, as long as it's Metal. I use it more as "white noise" as well as to block the crappy music they put on at the gym.
So I'm not allowed to comment on this because I own free weights and work out at home?



NWOBHM and USPM are the only ways to go.
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Lamb Of God and Black Label Society. Not so complicated to distract you but nice to listen to and fast paced.
Machinehead. Cause it's Machinehead. It's great for everything.
Evile. Cause the Thrasher. Arhrhghghgh

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Into the everblack is the album I listen to while at the gym, it's by the black dahlia murder.
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Via - Volumes

I always pair it with far beyond driven, but you already listed pantera so figured youre already using it
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i have a lot of Meshuggah songs on my exercise playlist, but not full albums. some of their songs are too slow, or have quiet sections.

New Millenium Cyanide Christ has the perfect tempo for running.
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Like melodic, black, death, symphonic, and/or avant-garde metal? Want to collaborate? Message me!
Strapping Ypung Lad: The New Black
Anything by Amon Amarth and Cannibal Corpse
Katalepsy: Autopsychosis
Septic Flesh: Communion
Visigoth: Final Spell
Whitechapel: The Somatic Defilement
Too much vagina in here.

Real men workout to Deicide's Legion, Suffocation's Pierced From Within and Swans's Filth
I'll normally listen to Suffocation, Nile, or Dying Fetus, sometimes old In Flames or some NOLA sludge. For outdoor running I'll sometimes listen to black metal or Intronaut. Baroness - Red Album I can substitute in anywhere.
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I've been throwing in From Parts Unknown by Every Time I Die to my general rotation. The driving tempo of the music, constant screaming, and off-time changes keeps me pumped and the melodies every now and then help to break things up. I thought mathcore in general would do the trick but some of the other bands don't seem to work that well.