hey folks.
I just bought a real nice Laney Vc 15 and spilt wine down the top vent.
As soon as it happened it made a crackle and stunted the volume and I quickly turned it off.

I took the amp to bits and wiped up all the wine and even blow dried the prick. I was too eager to turn it on again after putting it back together and it made a crackle and gets no volume between 2 and 7 on the clean channel but is fine on drive

I know absolutely nothing about amps but remember one of the valves had slight black marks on it where as the other one didn't which I'm presuming is blown.

Any advise would be appreciated. should I get new tubes and try put them in? Should I try turn it on again? should I ****ing kill myself for being an incompetent **** hole??
I'd check out the Guitar Gear & Accessories subforum for this issue. People there will be more likely to give you aid on mechanical problems/troubleshooting.

(also don't kill yourself)
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