I am a huge Bring me the horizon fan and i was just wondering what would it take for a band to play like bring me the horizon ? and not only the guitar, the bass, drums and vocals aswell i want to know everything ! And please no hate on this thread, if you dont have anything good to say about bmth then just shut up...
If you want to learn how to play like them you need to study them. Figure out the scales, chord shapes, musical keys, chord progressions, tempos, etc. that they use in their songs...another effective method is just learning all of their riffs, solos, etc. and you'll just end up playing stuff like them naturally if you're anything like me
Downtune guitars, chug chug chug away. Find someone that can use 'fry vocals'.

Write your music using delayed/ intros with sweet reverb and then build your way into very heavy riffage followed by a chugging breakdown.

1111-00000-11111-1111111111 or something like that.

Oh and maybe get Lights to do some pretty cleans in the middle of it all, could help ¯\_(ツ_/¯
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Everything already said, though I'd like to throw it out there that if you just straight up copy one band you like no one will take you seriously as a musician and your musical output will likely feel stale and unrewarding.
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Yeah study them. You are looking at downtuned guitars. BMTH and a lot of other bands in that genre rely more on rhythm and volume variance than melodic complexity.

Learn about ten songs and look for patterns in their songwriting.
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I think the best thing would be to just learn a bunch of their songs and see what they have in common. Listen to how the guitars and bass interact with the drums.


This comment right here.

And you'll be happy to know that their music is simple enough that you'll be able to figure this out quickly if you know a thing or two about music. Their music is almost ridiculous in how simple it is, at least for a "metalcore" band.
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