This is my first time writing anything in a while. I wouldn't quite call it a song rather a collection of a few riffs that, in due time, will become a full-fledged jam. The programmed drums are kinda lame but hey, I ain't no drum scientist. Let me know what you think. C4C as always.

I love this so much! I kinda wish there was a tab of this so I could learn what your doing. Definetly sounds like if this was played with no context I would have assumed it was on the new album! That begining riff is easily the most likeable, but it gets a little to dissonant for me. Maybe one or two minor tweaks would make this more song worthy, but I love the tone/style so much its hard to nit pick. The tapping is simple but well done and definetly helps change the song up. You have a potential Mastodon song on ur hands if you keep this up. Nice job!

C4C please?
I agree with isaimeph, what you did could easily become a full song (and a good one). It's just the tapping part that's bothering me a little bit, the slow tapping was nice but the fast tapping is a little bit unclear.

Make a song dude, I really want to listen to these riffs in a full composition.