Hello. I am still new to playing guitar and I have a quick question. So I'm learning Your Betrayal by BFMV on guitar and during the chorus, you have to play an open note on the 6th string, 5th string, and 4th string, (CGC). Now in the video guides I have watched, the person strums only the 6th string until the last note in the sequence, where they play an open on the 6th, 5th, and 4th. So for the chorus they play the open on the 6th string 8 times and the 9th time they play the open on the three strings. And then repeats similar patterns throughout the chorus. However, on tabs it has all three strings played every time through the chorus. It is best if you know the song, and look at the tab. Anyways, is that how you play chords when there's a bunch in a row or something? Or maybe I'm not sure how to fully read tabs yet. Anyways any help is appreciated. My main concern is strumming all three strings every time or just the 6th until the last one in the pattern. I'm still new so I hope this doesn't come off as a dumb question haha. Thanks!
If I were you, I would listen really closely to the part of the song in question, and figure it out for yourself. Does it sound like a 000xxx chord, or just a simple 0 the sixth string? Remember that tabs and tutorial videos aren't wholly reliable because they are interpretations done by people who very rarely had any part in writing the music.
If you really want to you can also buy some software like Transcribe to help you - slow down the music (withouth changing the pitch of course)...