Hello everyone! I'm new to the forums and actually came to ask a question specifically. I'm looking to buy a new guitar, but I'm looking for one that will fill certain requirements for me. The music I write is extremely varied, yet oddly specific. I'm highly influenced by the Occult-tinged Psychedelic Folk music of bands like Hexvessel and Comus, but I'm also absolutely in love with Shoegazing like My Bloody Valentine and Whirr, and Post-Rock along the lines of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Pan Fly AM.

In essence, I guess you could say what I do ranges from whispery and Folk oriented sounds to louder, more cathartic electric oriented sounds, all wrapped in a very hazy, ambient, and forested atmosphere. Right now my main electric guitar is a Fender Strat and my main acoustic is an Ibanez grand-concert acoustic. Both are amazing instruments that I absolutely love, but I'm looking for a guitar that can get me a natural acoustic sound as well as a more affected Shoegazing sound so that when I'm on stage, I have an all-purpose instrument to use to get all the sounds I want.

What I've been looking at to use are hollow-bodied electrics, but I don't know much about them or if they'll give me what I'm going for. I'm not looking to spend over $450, either. Does anyone have some suggestions as to what instrument I might be looking for? Thanks!
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Honestly, look at bands that have similar styles to what you're interested in playing and then look up the brands they use to get an idea on what you're looking for since you're giving us very vague details on what you're interested in.
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Get the jazzmaster. You know you want tooooooooo.
You'd probably want like a semi-hollow Tele or Jazzmaster or something. But really though, a Strat should get you good enough sound for that, so I don't really think a new guitar would change that much.

What you really need is a new amp.

Alternatively, you should try playing jazz instead.
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