Hi, I am a beginner so go easy if this is a silly question!

I am trying to play 'The End Of The Beginning' by Nine Inch Nails. Most tab versions have what appears to be power chords on the E and D strings but with the A string not played (denoted by an x)

For example:
----x--x--x--x ---x--x--x--x

Not quite sure how this should be played. It's laid out as a chord but how do I not play the A if I am strumming it? If it was an open string I would get it, but it's clearly telling me not to play it.

I've seen this quite a bit but have avoided playing such tracks, which is just daft.

Any advice much appreciated!
Thanks for that! So, if I'm picking that up correctly, I mute the A string with the pad of my finger. Right? Told you I was a beginner...
Not knowing that those notes were octaves means you need to learn a little theory too.
Yup, those are octaves, i.e the same not but one is one octave higher in pitch than the other.

Mute the A string with the pad of your index finger you are using to fret the E string. To make extra sure its muted correctly you could even use the very tip of your finger youre using to fret the D string to lightly touch the A string also, effectively meaning youre lightly touching the A string with two fingers to ensure it doesnt ring out
i like doing octaves using hybrid picking (i.e. i pick the lower-pitched string with the plectrum and the higher-pitched string with my middle finger)... sort of makes the muting not as important
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Hold your index finger on the 5th fret/6 string. -Use your index to mute all other strings too.

Ring finger or pinky on 7th fret, D string. Strum ;D At about 2:35 of that movie he shows you the fundamentals of it.