I'm looking at buying myself a new electric guitar. I'm an intermediate player and play a range of music (mostly alternative/rock). I'd like a guitar that sounds good playing pretty much anything and would prefer a guitar that's not designed for playing metal (although I've never played one so they might be alright?). My budget is $1000, but could go slightly over, possibly even as high as $1500. At the moment, I'm looking mostly at just getting a Fender Standard Strat or maybe a high end Epi. Any idea on what to get?

In the US? Get an Agile AL-3000 series
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There are tons of options. Maybe best to go to a store and play some?

I have a Fender Standard Strat, a great guitar for the price. Tho id say japanese fenders are better. Id consider also looking at second hand gear, theres plenty of great deals to be had and a lot of guitars wont hold their value.

If you look past the big 3-4 main companies you can get extremely good guitars for little money, over here ibanez prestige can go for less that half their original price.
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In that price range, for what you want to play, a Fender Tele or Strat would be a classic option, as might a high-end Epi or a good used Gibson. The suggestion for an Agile is good, too.

In addition, you could find similarly good deals on guitars from Godin or G&L. If you choose your model and options right, a stunning Carvin could be had in that price range.

And of course, I'm going to have to recommend Reverends.
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A hot strat with noiseless pickups would be a good choice. You can use it for high gain stuff if you like but then you can go all clean and stratty. The Jeff Beck Sig strat has hot noiseless single coils. Has a TBX tone control so you can have more tonal control.
I recommend Gibson or American EVH guitars... A good fender is the same price as a les Paul but Gibson is great!!!