I don't know what to call them, but there should probably be a name for them by now seeing as there's one for pretty much every business scattered across every network.

Business (Restaurant, Hotel, Bar, etc.) is failing/in debt.
Industry "expert" is called in to help the business succeed.
Expert yells a bunch and eventually teaches the employees how to run a successful business.

Notable shows off the top of my head: Bar Rescue (personal favorite), Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, Hotel/Restaurant Impossible, Tabatha Tales Over, Hungry Investors. And there's probably one for the Hunting Channel as well because why not?

So why did Kitchen Nightmares flop when pretty much every show that copied the concept experience success?
Because Gordon Ramsay neglected to buy clothes pegs from an itinerant gypsy woman, who put a curse on him.
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Nathan For You is the only one that doesn't suck

lol this is a good post. Better comedy than anything nathan has done good job

OT- I quite enjoy bar rescue but not a fan of the others.
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