Anyone have first hand experience withe these pickups? I've read that they are supposed to have the best of an active with the feel and response of a passive. Curious if this is true.
I heard the same. I had a 81/60 set (which I believe is similar) and a 81/85 and the 81/60 was much more versatile. I can probably guarantee that they are great actives
No personal experience but I have never read a bad word about them, seem like badass pickups.
I have them in my ec-1000 and compared to the 81/85 set the het set is far less compressed while still being a tight pickup with plenty of mids. Almost like the 81x/85x but with a bit more output.
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That's pretty much what I've heard, too. You might also want to check out EMG's new 57/66 set. They're supposed to also be like that. That's what Jeff Loomis has in his new 2014 sig model Schecters. They sound awesome. Tons of EMG's endorsed artists are switching to those.