Have the itch to customize a Tele. I don't have the funds to go Warmoth. Thinking about picking up a used squire to customize. With good hardware, wiring, and pickups can a guy make a squire Tele and neck sound good?
Yes, just make sure you get stuff that's not cracked or warped or anything. The wood doesn't make as much of a tonal difference as the pickups and electronics. The most important aspect though is the player.
Yep -- as transformed said, as long as the body and neck are in good shape, a Squier Tele is an excellent platform for a modding job.
Upgraded with nice parts, there's no reason for it not to be a fantastic guitar.

I just bought an old knock-off brand, superstrat-style guitar for 40€ to customize and make it into my drop-C guitar, (which I need for one of my bands).
I simply made sure that I liked the neck, that it felt comfortable to play and intonated properly, and that the guitar didn't have any serious damage.

Right now I'm waiting for a whole bunch of new parts from Axetec while the neck is being restored and the body is being re-finished at the factory of a friend of mine who's a woodworker. Can't wait for the parts to arrive and for the neck/body to be ready for assembly.
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I concur with the above. I have done this as well. I have an early 80's (or late 70's) Sears Harmony Strat that I modded a while back. Body and neck were in pretty good shape and it was FREE! Tuners, saddles, electronics, new paint. Came out really good.
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Yes, a Squire tele would work fine. Six times now (IIRC) I've taken a decent cheap guitar, new or used and upgraded it. The last one was a Peavey Raptor from the hockshop, it had good timber, tuners and bridge; I upgraded the pickups and electronics, with a new homemade pickguard.