I recently picked up a G5120 hollowbody. There is some kind of buzz coming from what I think to be around the bridge (it also has a licensed bigsby, but I feel like the buzz is near the saddles), but it is hard to tell. Doesn't seem to be fret buzz, I was just wondering if anyone has had similar experience with a hollowbody buzzing and if it's been a real problem for you. I haven't had it plugged in and cranked up yet really to see if it's even noticeable.
Most buzz is fret buzz. Id rule that out first, should be obvious enough as it wont be over the whole fretboard.

Other than that, id see if theres anyway way to stop the buzzing. Cant imagine it being the bridge itself, tho its hard to know without being there lol.
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I have the same issue with mine. Seems to be coming from somewhere around the bridge. It is inaudible once plugged in with any volume. Definitely not fret buzz. If you ever fine out what it is, I'd be curious to know.
Check any screw, nut, or metal fastening pieces you can find. Even some of the work in the body might have something vibrating causing the buzz. Hope this helps c: