Hey guys, it's been awhile since I've posted on here! Today I got some riffs I came up with awhile ago, not really a finished song but I wanted to practice mixing so I recorded what I had and have been spending a bit of time trying to get it to sound right,

Am I heading in the right direction? Any critique would be awesome, will C4C! Thanks.

Edit: Forgot link
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I think it should be on the critic my mix thread, but anyway...
Your lead guitar needs to be smoother, snare is lacking some body, drums sound a little bit loud for me and the rhythm guitar a little bit low.

Your riffs will make a really nice song if well worked on man.
I think it needs to be a bit louder in general.
I agree with mp8. Snare is too loud and lacks some body. But overall is pretty nice!
I dont know if its your lead tone or i dont know but it does feel like your leads are rash
Hello there.

I would agree with the others that the snare lacks a little in the lower range. The cymbals are also too high endy and are a little tiring on the ear. Not sure if it was just me but it also sounded like things were panned pretty much dead centre which may be contributing to a slight lack of clarity.

Other than that it sounded like a good basis for a track.

My stuff if you fancy a listen: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1654244

Love the Gothenburg sound there. Old In Flames, and At the Gates come to mind.

Like the previous poster said in different words, the leads seem a bit "stiff" at times. With more work you could probably get them to come out with a little more finesse. The riffs are very high quality though, and I don't have much complaint about the mix either.

Pretty good.