My life is Dra-MA-tic, I gotta take drastic, measures, that's so fan-Tas-tic, like the time I took an a elastic and shot you so hard you immediately turned in plastic, so just you waste so in otherwords a has been, People be calling me Mr fantastic because my rhymes has so much static, It can draw in magnets
I knew in my last song, that I really gave it my all, unfortunately at the auditions I los', I got in the car and went straight home, that whole night I was pondering and wondering if I should sell my soul
Who said I can't rap with O-range, "theres noway you can hit me from there noway"
sorry Sonny but with my lyrics theres just no range
it can't cover, your are so lame and exactly the same as a cum stain on a plain white page,
so leave me alone i like this cage,
it contains my rage in such a small little place it's quite safe,
like a living body stuck in a grave
If you wanna live you better behave
That's what I wrote today