Hi All,

New here, just picked up a Satori YO28HEQ from Promenade Music in the UK, seems they are the only place on the net that is selling them and Satori don't have any website.

Here are some pics:

Spec is solid spruce top, solid rosewood sides, ebony bridge and fretboard, herrinbone inlay, fishman electronics.

It is made in china, Hiroshi Yairi, son of luthier Sadao Yairi owns the company apparently. They look like and I'm guessing should look like with the 28 in the title an old Martin OM28:

It even has the same inlays on the fretboard.

Let me know what you think...traded an american strat (which I haven't played in ages so no loss) for it, RRP is at £899, guide was £719.
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