Okay, I've got about £200-£300 to spend on a new bass because I got a summer job. I really want a 5 string as I've been playing my 4 string Stagg for almost 2 years now and its time for a change

I'm already pretty set on getting a Squier modified Jaguar 5

but a black finish

I was looking at the P, but my reasoning behind getting the Jag is that its the same as the P, but with the jazz pickups as well. So its much more versatile. (and looks a lot nicer)

My only problem, is I'm not sure how well it'd handle a lot of the music I want to play on it. I'll be playing a lot of metal, some punk and hard rock. As well as some blues and pop stuff. But mostly metal. So would I be better off getting an Ibanez, or LTD or something else? If so, any recommendations? I know my budget is quite low, but I'm not gigging or anything atm, just a practice bass is needed, nothing too fancy

Any advice/insight would be really appreciated
For metal playing, LTD is a solid choice. I have a Frank Bello signature bass and it handles everything from blues to thrash metal. I haven't really played any five strings, so everything I say is based on the four string versions.

My main problem with the Jaguar bass is the fact that I couldn't figure out the knobs. If I spent more than about ten seconds trying I probably could have figured it out. I' sure it would handle what you play. One of my favorite basses is a Yamaha TRBX304 (£294), which has a five string version as well. I would suggest checking it out. What's nice about it is the fact that it has a selector switch for solo, pick, finger, and slap playing, as well as a neutral position, an active two band EQ, and cutouts in the pickup mounts for your thumbs when you play with your fingers. I don't have much experience with Ibanez basses, but someone else here could tell you a more informed opinion. As for LTD, any of their basses would be a solid choice. One of my favorites is the F-4. I've never played the five string version, but you are able to, I would highly suggest trying it, though at $600-$700 (I don't remember exactly) used, it might be a bit expensive.

Probably a good thing to do is just to try any bass that looks appealing and see how if feels, plays, and sounds.

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I own an Ibanez SR505, which is an absolute beast bass for the heavier kinds of music. Try getting it second-hand. Trust me, you won't get any more bang for your buck.
I picked up a LTD B-15 as it was going cheap on ebay, great sounding bass, solid build - not played any other 5 strings to know how it compares though.
Another problem is the local guitar shops are useless for basses here. The one in the town has 7 basses, one is a 5 string, which is a pre-owned Ibanez BTB that has a load of scuffs and isnt in great nic. I might head out into Cambridge though and try a load of shops there

I really like the look of the Jaguar, I just wanted to know if it'd be able to handle metal okay

thanks for the replies
Quote by Bladez22

I really like the look of the Jaguar, I just wanted to know if it'd be able to handle metal okay

Why would it not?

I found a used Carvin LB-75 (1989) at a local GC. They had no clue about it. Apparently some bowtie-wearing tweed-jacketed jazz guy traded it in for a bass that didn't look so "rock and roll hero." Felt it wouldn't fit in with the jazz trio he was working with. Action was superb, guitar had been babied, and it had an active preamp. Ebony fretboard, real MOP block inlays and it sounds amazing.

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Why would it not?

I'm not sure, I've never played a Jaguar before, or really heard about anyone playing one for metal or anything

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I'm not sure, I've never played a Jaguar before, or really heard about anyone playing one for metal or anything

Troy Sanders plays one and he also has Fender/Squier signature model.

Do be aware that Fender/Squier 5 string modern "C" profile necks are a tad bit wider in profile than their competitors modern "C" profiles.
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I wasn't aware of that

An update: I went into my local guitar shop and found an Ibanez 5 string. I love it. It plays fantastic and I've put a deposit down. I'm picking it up on Monday or Wednesday. Its an Ibanez sr375, I'll post pics when I get it

I hadn't been in there for a few months, and they've remodelled the place, and they've got a load of new guitars and basses
Schecter has great 5 strings that are really affordable.
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I just bought a used schecter five string for $400. I'm actually just about to begin practicing on it, haha