Well I got a 240v Fender Hot Rod Deville here in America and step down transformer but I am curious to know if it is possible to rewire the Power Transformer for 120v American standard 60hz. Anyone ever done this without buying a new power transformer?
Doubt it. You could check to see if it has 120V taps but I bet it's just a different transformer.
I'm not sure if the speed is a problem.

You could rewire the transformer, yeah.
Just open it, remove the primary winding, and put the wire around the core again, this time with half the windings.

Not that this up here is a joke, you could do it but it would likely end up costing you a shit ton of time if done right, or it could **** your amp if done wrong.

Also you wouldn't be using a step down transformer but a step up one.
And that would be the right thing to do.
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Step up, Step down, it does both just said step down.

Any way, thanks I guess. Anyone got a good place to buy a new 120v power transformer for it?
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