hello everyone. so i i mostly write and record songs but i have only relatively recently started singing and even more recently started practicing singing. i dont like my voice and i have been told a fair few times that my voice isnt great.

here is some examples


and me singing a bit lower, i think my low voice is better but it limits what i can do musically a bit which i dont want.


oddly enough i was using better equipment and singing more out loud at this point and i think it sounds actually worse like here


not very good i know, but these were actually three of my better songs vocal wise, some of the others are just god awful, iv noticed that sometimes when i think my vocals are ok on headphones when played out loud it sounds unbelievably crap. i also think i sound much better to myself out loud than on record, maybe fooling myself into thinking i can sing when i cant ha.

all of those were recorded before i started actually practicing singing. the practice i do now is a lot of humming, breathing through diaphragm, occasional la la la ing of different scales, staying well hydrated. all these i do while doing household chores or going to and from work. after a month or two of this listening to my voice back on recording i still dont like it and i cant hear much improvement if any at all,

so my real question is are any real benifits likely to occur if i keep on practicing like this? i realise im never going to have a voice anywhere near my singing idols but id like to have a serviceable voice at least. is it worth carrying on?

by the way the plan is to eventually have a session singer on my recordings and to probably rerecord them in a studio with a proper producer, it would still be nice and useful to have a half decent voice of my own though.

anyway thanks in advance for any replies, feel free to criticize im pretty thick skinned
very good, must say i was looking to see if there was a section especially for singing but couldnt find it.
You're a better singer than me... but that isn't saying much. I think you need to give a little more effort & annunciation in order to get a clearer, more crisp sound. It sounds like you're half-assing it. Anybody can be a decent singer it's all about how much effort you put into it man.
If Gerard Way can have a career singing, anyone can. The VST for your drums in the first song sounds worse than your voice.

You're not hopeless, I'll tell you that. It just sounds like you're holding yourself go back. Go for a drive and sing your heart out over the car stereo, I guarantee you'll like your voice better when you let loose and don't sing as if you're trying to record your songs without waking anyone up.
Anyone saying that you don't have the voice for music might mean that you haven't practised enough.

My voice was utter shit in singing for five years ago, when I was just starting out. Just ****ing practise on it. Since you're a songwriter, you'll be much more flexible when you can sing and write your own lyrics.
What I recommend, though, is that you try to practise singing in a range that fits you, and use the right technique (if you haven't learnt about it yet)