hello everyone. so i i mostly write and record songs but i have only relatively recently started singing and even more recently started practicing singing. i dont like my voice and i have been told a fair few times that my voice isnt great.

here is some examples


and me singing a bit lower, i think my low voice is better but it limits what i can do musically a bit which i dont want.


oddly enough i was using better equipment and singing more out loud at this point and i think it sounds actually worse like here


not very good i know, but these were actually three of my better songs vocal wise, some of the others are just god awful, iv noticed that sometimes when i think my vocals are ok on headphones when played out loud it sounds unbelievably crap i also think i sound better singing out loud than on record.

all of those were recorded before i started actually practicing singing. the practice i do now is a lot of humming, breathing through diaphragm, occasional la la la ing of different scales, staying well hydrated. all these i do while doing household chores or going to and from work. after a month or two of this listening to my voice back on recording i still dont like it and i cant hear much improvement if any at all,

so my real question is are any real benifits likely to occur if i keep on practicing like this? i realise im never going to have a voice anywhere near the level of my singing idols but id like to have a serviceable voice at least. is it worth carrying on?

by the way the plan is to eventually have a session singer on my recordings and to probably rerecord them in a studio with a proper producer, it would still be nice and useful to have a half decent voice of my own though.

anyway thanks in advance for any replies, feel free to criticize im pretty thick skinned
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so my real question is are any real benifits likely to occur if i keep on practicing like this? i realise im never going to have a voice anywhere near the level of my singing idols but id like to have a serviceable voice at least. is it worth carrying on?

I always wonder why people ask this question. If I handed you an instrument you had never played, I dunno, a Sitar or something, and you jammed around on it for a little bit, and maybe halfhearted practiced it while doing other things, would you expect me to be able to tell you if you had a future as a sitar player?

Or would you say, "That's absurd! It makes no sense at all to talk about my future as a sitar player until I've developed some basic technical competence with the instrument!"

I'm guessing it's the latter, right?

And yet, when it comes to your singing voice, you're doing the former. You don't know how to sing. Your voice, which is a much more complicated instrument than a sitar, is something which you haven't seriously tried to figure out how to use properly.

Your voice is the most complicated instrument ever made. It's staggering how complex it is. My singing teacher could tell how I was THINKING about notes by listening to me sing. My ex girlfriend could tell if I was singing with my eyes open or my eyes closed without looking at me. My posture, breathing, mental state, hydration level, energy level, and a thousand other things which don't apply to any other instrument impact the sounds that my singing instrument makes.

If you want to be a singer, get singing lessons. If you can't afford private lessons, get group lessons. If this is important to you, you have to work at it. Your voice is SO MUCH more complicated an instrument than the guitar that it is not reasonable to expect to fix your singing problems from youtube videos or tips on a message board.

I have no idea how good a singer you could ultimately be. I know that you are NOWHERE NEAR your potential. I know that being an acceptable singer is FAR MORE about technique than talent. eg, I think that if you gave me ten hours with one of those horrible rejected singers on American Idol (and I have no special knowledge about singing) I could get them to a place where they didn't sound god awful.

Being a great singer? Sure, I'll call that talent. But being somebody who is enjoyable to listen to? I strong suspect that anyone who isn't tone deaf can get there.

But not if they try to do it on their own. The instrument is too complex.

Further, when a beginner on a guitar can't fret a chord, they know there's a problem. "Hm, my pinkie should go there, but it doesn't. Gotta keep working at it." Part of the challenge of singing is that students are often doing things technically wrong without knowing it. A huge part of working with a teacher is them pointing out something you're doing wrong, you trying to fix it, them giving you another approach to fixing it, you tryign to fix it again, them giving you another approach ... and then you get it right, and you practice that until it becomes second nature. But without the teacher you would never even know what the problem was, because you can't just look down at the fretboard and say, "My finger is in the wrong place."
wow hotspurJR you really went above and beyond with that reply, thank you very much for your time, i will probably try getting some lessons then.