So guys, help me decide on what to do here. As of present I have a lot of guy and a lot of it, doesn't get used, mainly because of my amps for the brootz and I feel I have my Laney to back it up, but some stuff isn't working for me or I don't use it that much

As of present, I have GAS for quite a guitar that's a step up from what I'm using right now so I've come to the conclusion that I should sell the stuff which I'm not using as much, including my Gibson Faded V, JCM 800 and my Schecter ATX V, but I played it again and I'm not sure on letting that one go, it feels nice. But something isn't doing it for me.

So I was thinking it all then going hunting for stuff to suit what I need better, as if I've got GAS for something high end I'd have to look, don't wanna drop that much money on something and end up not like it, as I was burned quite recently by a guitar that was uplayable on arrival.

So I'm looking for something (Not pointy as I think I've got enough of those pointy guitars, but another one would be nice )

I'd rather have one high end guitar rather than a few mid range ones.

Kind of found I like passive pickups better than Actives, but. EMG 81/85's would do, but the requirements I have are; Light body wood, Ebony/Maple fingerboard, 5 way switch (I like having options)

That all screams Ibanez to me (Minus the fingerboard) but I'm not really a fan of Ibanez now, I mean they make some great guitars. But I've not really bonded with any of the ones I've had if anyone gets my meaning.

What sort of thing should I be looking up?

Budget, I guess from 800-£1,500

I'm in Newcastle, but I might be able to head to Sunderland or Middlesborough depending on College timetables and band stuff.

Gonna be posting an advert tonight/tomorrow.

What sort of prices are we looking at for my stuff?
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He wants a new guitar. He's also selling his old gear (Faded V and a JCM 800) and wants to know what he'll get for them.

He wants this out of the guitar: I like passive pickups better than Actives, but EMG 81/85's would do. Light body wood, Ebony/Maple fingerboard, 5 way switch (I like having options)

YW sam.
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It took me a minute to decode that too lol. Seeing how you don't really want an Ibanez but you would like "Ibanez" specs have you looked into the Schecter Banshee series? That's the one guitar thats popping in my head right now.