I currently have -
Aria Stg-006
Marshall Mg15
DigiTech Rp255

I wish to buy another guitar, I'd like a good looking guitar, Genres i like/play - Metal, Rock, Hard Rock and a Little bit of blues and country (which i guess aria can handle).
I like the looks of B.C. Rich Warlock and few Ibanez guitars, would prefer a guitar with design on fretboard like "ibanez steve vai jem 555" (its damn costly, at around $3216.761 in India). I am also thinking of Epiphone LP because i've heard they are good but i'm not into their looks much.

My budget - Under Rs.40,000

You can check these websites (For Price and Availability in India) -








Thank you very much for the effort of going through my thread.
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Mmmh, how much is that in dollars? How about a Jackson Soloist? Have you looked at the LTDs EC or Shecters? Have you looked at the Godin Velocity?

I guess none of these have the thing on the fretboard but most of them do look good and sound good...
If your top priority is metal, any guitar with active pups (schecter is good at those) will do well. I have a Schecter Diamond series Omen Active, great for chugging and also great for bluesy solos.
Rs.40k means $661.48 as per today's rate but the problem is guitars cost (Same model) way more in india than in USA. Like an ibanez steve vai jem 555 7v costs around $2100 in usa but around $3200 in india....
I just bought a MIM Fender 72' telecaster custom reissue for 495 US with case. Now my go to guitar...Very versitile with the wide range HB in the neck you can get almost any sound you want.......I play thru a Peavy 5150 most of the time for hard rock and classic punk and metal with no problem...
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^^ I live in India and these things are hard to come by over here, moreover the cost becomes more than double over here....
So please check for availability in India.....
Check out Samick Guitars in Indonesia i think......They are one of the largest makers of guitars in the world and have Greg Bennett of Gibson designing their own brand of guitars....

I think they would ship directly to India.

I own 2 The Cobra a SG Type and Veronica a Flying V and use them both all the time.....Great guitars for the price.