I'll be moving into a apt. in the next day or so and my amp has no headphone jack. is a headphone amp the answer, if so how do I sit it up? can I still use my petals?
If you're only planning on playing through headphones and/or interfacing with your PC for the forseeable future, consider a portable digital modeling device like one of these (some are discontinued, can still be easily found):

Boss Micro-BR 4 track

Boss Micro-BR 80

Pocket POD

Tascam GT-R1

Korg Pandora Mini

Korg Px4

Korg Pandora Stomp

Korg Px5

Here is a visual comparison of (left to right) Tascam, my PX-5 and one of my Px4s to my old Aiwa cassette player:

Only the Tascam has decent acoustic recording capacity. All DO have features like tuners, metronomes, drum synthesizers, and digital amp & pedal modeling.

So with decent headphones, you can rock out like you were playing Texas Stadium. And yes, they are all about the size of an old Walkman.

The ones I own: the Tascam has the external mics, a phrase trainer (loop & slow down stuff for practicing), and takes SD cards. Both it and the PX5 can connect directly to your computer via a USB port. It is less powerful than the PX5, but, oddly, the PX5 does not have a belt/strap hook.

The ones I don't own: The Line6 PocketPOD is, I believe, the most popular device like this; the Boss might be the most powerful (and priciest); the Pandora Mini is the smallest (its about the size of a stack of business cards), cheapest, and least powerful.

To use them with your pedals, you'd hook up your usual way, but instead of plugging into your amp, your last cable plugs into the input jack of the modeler.
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I have a vox amplug. You just plug it into your guitar and jack in your headphones, easy as that. I personally haven't tried but pedals do work with it though I'm not sure how well the sound comes out. I think the amplug is great for a late night jam or just when you want to be quiet. Though in the long run, it just won't do it for me. Even though you can plug it into some speakers to make it like a proper amp, it just doesn't sound as good. So in the end, I guess it depends on what you want in the long run.
I'd add the Pod X3 to the suggestions above. Dual signal path so you can have one sound in one ear and another one in another, sounds quite cool really...