Poll: Which way do you use Ultimate Guitar?
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View poll results: Which way do you use Ultimate Guitar?
The website for free
1 50%
The free version of an Ultimate Guitar App
0 0%
A paid version of the Ultimate Guitar app
1 50%
Voters: 2.
I just bought the 50% off ultimate guitar app with tab pro in the package and that is so sick. For 7.99 I'm going to learn much more efficiently. Only been playing for 10 days and I learned chords G, C, D and Em and am getting more fluid at playing Tom Petty Free Fallin... Lol classic newbie I know. Anyways you guys can follow me on twitter @JTC_3 aka www.twitter.com/jtc_3 haha looking forward to seeing you on twitter and here

I'm doing a poll for my first post too or at least my ipad says I can...
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