I'm starting to do open mics. We have a pretty good drummer. Wondering how I can communicate. When to end songs. Etc
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Eye contact and always be in agremeent in how the music should be.

If the drummer is not sure of what parts or songs he might reject them. This should be respected at all times.

If you count in the song make sure he is with you on the very first beat. And the other way around too if he/she counts in.

To sum up work it out between you to find what works as on stage you don't have time for anything else than music.
You shouldn't really need to communicate that much if you've rehearsed enough. In this case, a nod or eye contact should really be enough to serve as a reminder.
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You shouldn't really need to communicate that much if you've rehearsed enough. In this case, a nod or eye contact should really be enough to serve as a reminder.


With my band there are two songs where I play a solo at the end of a song which is improvised & can be a different length each time. When I feel I've played enough, I give a quick nod & he moves the song into the ending pattern.
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Practice before you play a show.
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Various types and sizes of talking drums are used for communication in different areas of Africa. These drums are said to "talk" because they have the unusual quality of being able to produce different pitches - high and low sounds. Changes in pitch are produced when the drummer squeezes ropes that run between the drum's two skin heads. Squeezing the ropes tightens the head, raising the pitch. When the ropes are let loose, the pitch is lowered. Talking drums can be used to mimic the pitch and syllabic structure of languages.
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Dude can anyone out there tell me how to tab??? a drum tab in GPro...???Please

I think you'll need these http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_MIDI#Percussion. Basically just instead of typing the fret number as you do for guitar and bass, you type the number that corresponds to the sound you want from here. E.g. if you want a snare drum, type 40.
As a drummer, when the lead guitarist or vocalist looks at me and gives that slight head nod I know that its time to end the song. Also, practicing different endings such as full-stops or jamming out, and different head bobs or movements that tell what type will happen, helps determine when to end and how.
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In a jam band situation in public a quick convo before you start playing with the guys is in order. Like "Hey, just to keep things simple, lets end all our songs on a 4th bar tonight after a chorus" or something like that.
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