An old WWII Japanese poet named Yukio Mishima. A bit of an extremist, but I liked his poetry.
"I feel like a one legged cat trying to bury a turd in a frozen pond."

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charles bukowski
e.e. cummings (the little i've read of him)

these three:

http://ghostinafog.deviantart.com/ - prepare to get mindfucked
http://oaklungs.deviantart.com/ - short, with a bite
http://gliitchlord.deviantart.com/ - he has incredible flow most of the time. hit and miss to me but the ones that hit are great

i would post one more person but it appears she's removed most of her writing. sad day

also: http://www.scribd.com/doc/235697013/waves-upon (it gets angsty sometimes but it's fairly raw and i like that)

not to mention most of the regulars in the main forum. i'm more into stuff the (seemingly) average person can write, as opposed to those who are picked out for publication
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Many favorites are there for me. Some of them are Adrienne Rich, Allen Ginsberg, Bertolt Brecht, Alan Jay Lerner and Fernando Pessoa. I like their style of writing.
Rabindranath Tagore, really he is such a good poem writer. I love all his poem, there is some feel in all the poems.