So, this is my flaming new PRS Custom 24 guitar, a dream of instrument. Been thinking about purchasing a high end instrument for 3-4 months, looking everything and every brand known to mandkind: Mayones, ESP, Gibson, Ran, etc but PRS has something, something like class.
Aside from the stunning look, the thing plays like a dream. It's a 2011 faded blue Custom 24 with a "pattern thin" neck, which I really love, and standard P.U's and electronics. The 5 positions switch really makes the guitar sounds different and makes it really convenient for my playing style. Also I noticed the great difference between Japan made (my Ibanez Universe) but I cant decide which one is "better" so it's nice to have where to choose!
Well, no more chat chat and have a picture of "her"

TH3 G3Ar
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That's one of my favorites, all the way down to the color. I also like the sapphire color on the cu24s in the SE line, so maybe I wouldn't get that exact same finish if it were up to me, but pretty darn close.
Happy NGD
I couldnt decide between this and Makena blue finish but for practical reasons I ended up with this
TH3 G3Ar
- JCM 900 SL-X and SV MKII 100HD with LIne 6 sv412
-Bunch of pedals ( WD,BM,NR-2...)
-Ibanez Universe uv777pbk,Rg 2550&321mh
Thats pretty much my dream PRS right there..
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PRS is amazing...
Yet unfortunately over-priced.
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Huh, photobucket won't let the image be posted. Odd. Congrats, though!
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Huh, photobucket won't let the image be posted.

mine does.

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thats the guitar I originally wanted....lol
I love the blue/white body with the birds
I think right now is the best time to buy a PRS. Their popularity is at an all time high and Paul just keeps releasing beautiful guitar after beautiful guitar. Enjoy it!
very nice like the colour
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PRS is amazing...
Yet unfortunately over-priced.

Not really, I've had one since 2004 and will never not have one in the arsenal. Min eis the very best playing guitar I have ever touched.

And TS HNGD that thing is sweet
Play the hell out of it and make it look beat like mine
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