so im looking at an ashdown abm evo 2 300 15 but on the back of the head it says ABM C210T-300. This combo has a 15 inch speaker but "c210" would surely suggest 2 10 inch speakers? has this combo been messed around with or is that how they all were? ive asked ashdown and they agree its odd and theyre checking tuesday but this is to late. Any help would be good, thanks
If the amps are the same circuit-wise and dimensionally then I don't see what difference it makes. Could be a factory error, or the result of someone messing around with it. I don't think you'll get any more clarity on the issue here than Ashdown can offer you.
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Yeah I know but ashdown will give me the full info when it's to late. Problem is its eBay and I have to meet the guy half way so it's possible I won't be able to try it so I want to know if it's dodgy