Hi all, I was just playing my guitar on the overdrive channel of my amp. In the middle of my playing, the amp went dead quiet. Messing with the knobs has almost no effect, except the knob for the clean channel is still changing the volume ( OD knobs do nothing ).

Weird thing: the amp is nowhere near as loud as it was, and the overdrive channel plays clean now.

Is this a power tube? (I'll take a look at them when it cools down) What can I do about this?
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Sounds like a tube issue. It could be poweramp or preamp.

My first step would be to take a known good preamp tube and try it out in each of the positions. If you put it into a position (say V1) and the volume comes back then you know that tube (the one that was in V1) is no good. Simply replace that tube and you're good to go.

Second, I'd be trying power tubes. Now these you want to change as a set, so you'll need a new set. Swap those into the power section, all at once, and see if that fixes the issue... If so then your power tubes were bad so you can leave the new ones in.

If neither of those fix the issue then it is something more difficult to diagnose, and will probably require a tech's expertise.

Good luck! I'll cross my fingers that it's just a preamp tube.
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Volume loss is usually power tube, distortion loss is usually preamp tube. Both being gone is probably preamp tube. Maybe even your V1, considering how bad it sounds.

I'd roll a spare 12AX7 through, see if it makes a difference in any position.

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