Hey so I lost the little keys to my Schecter Bass Case. Is there any way to pick the lock or something that anyone knows of? Or a way to order just the keys? Or will I just have to break into my own case here? Ad yes, the bass is inside and it is locked unfortunately. Keys got lost in the move to a new apartment.
Thanks for the help.
Throw your case down a flight of stairs. The impact will surely break open the case.
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so its locked in there?

oh well, time to give up playing bass like a dork and start playing bass like a rudeboi (on a mac)
just play your bass case

nobody'll be able to tell the difference anyways

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How high is your security skill? What level of lockpicks do you have?
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Bobby pins and 100 lockpick is what you need
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Locksmith's Reader helps, especially with the comprehension perk
A poem.
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this thread brings all the theives to the yard

and they're like picking locks ain't hard
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this thread brings all the theives to the yard

and they're like picking locks ain't hard

damn right, picking locks ain't hard

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