Hey guys,

so I've played various combos throughout my years, both tube and solid state. I am currently moving to do some engineering work and I will be forming a head and cab setup for me to play with after work.

After graduating from my university, my dad has offered to buy me a head that's around $500. I need suggestions for a good amp that will keep me satisfied.

I play stuff with sounds anywhere from Avenged Sevenfold, 311, Black Sabbath, to No Doubt and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I like most types of rock. What I've found is that I like sustain and a big "in-your-face" sound (i'm guessing that's mids).

Thanks, all feedback will be appreciated.

P.S. I will be getting my own 1x12 cab with a V30 speaker so limit is 60w. I also have a jet city overdrive afterburner pedal that I use to boost my signal when needed.
Jet city 50w head or marshall JCM2000 DSL50.

Also, ya sure you want a v30 in a 1x12 cab?
'cause the big sound comes in a good part from the bass, and a 2x12 would give you more thump.
Also v30's don't have that much of that, so one alone wouldn't really do the trick imo.
For that I'd say a 2x12 with a v30 and a T75, or maybe an H65 instead of the v30.
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Cool, I guess I should really try out a 2x12 cab. Ill keep an eye out for the jca 50 and the dsl50.