Say hey look at that there talented mother ****er

coming on down the block well step right up

rattle the bars he don't bite much

(they like him here though not enough)

Come on come out come here look at

that talented mother ****er moveyouever see somethin like that

come out come out well don't get too close now, in here–

the biggest and best we keep them separate from the rest

(steer close and steer clear, no need to get too close now to that)

talented mother ****er

one more talented mother ****er went down the tubes today

rolled out of bed and just slipped away

no drugs no booze no women thats what it takes to be a talented mother ****er

(these days)

been down it all, stopped by every door he saw

kicked a few down still

(no response)

He fell out the door at the end of the hall

Wow, what a waste of a talented mother ****er
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