It's been a while. Used to lurk a lot some 10 years ago. How is everyone?

I've got a question: dafuq kinda shitstorm swept through here (with all due respect)?
I don't remember this amount of rampant spam (selling passports and such? wow.) This sub-forum filled with threads that don't belong here (not enough mods, maybe?).
Especially the Songwriting & Lyrics forum (my main reason for coming back) was a letdown. It used to be a vibrant community of real poets, artists, avid feedbackers and critics with always some advice to spare. Now it seems to consist of chaotic teen angst, illiterate self-indulgence and the occasional gem.

That said, it feels good to be back. The lesson/columns/news commenting make up for a lot, and the site itself has developed a lot. Good to see you all!

The forums just aren't as popular as they used to be
My God, it's full of stars!