I just got my son some guitar pedals and a pedalboard for his birthday and among them was a Yamaha FC7 Volume Pedal .

I didn't realise this was a keyboard pedal. Is there a cheap solution to using the FC7 with the other pedals considering it only has one input? I've had FC7 so long I can't return it so I am hoping someone has a clever solution

Many thanks

As far as I know, you can't.
I did a quick Google search for any mods that could use it as a platform to turn it into a guitar volume pedal, but couldn't find any.
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might work as an external expression pedal for another effect, if you have another pedal that has that function. But I can't really be sure of that.
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^ yeah, you could most likely use it as an expression pedal for something else.

You couldn't use it as your everyday guitar pedal though.
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