So this has been happening for a week but my pinky finger has been making this slight popping feeling when I move it. It doesnt hurt but I have been playing guitar last week for a while and practicing faster solos and barre chords and my hand has been cramping up. Do I need a break or something because it doesn't hurt in my regular day. Im soaking it in epsom salts twice a day and its been getting a little better but I was wondering if anyone has something that could make it cure faster or what it is.
That doesn't sound right. Either you have an issue in your hands in which case you should get it checked out or your technique is putting too much unnecessary strain on your hand in which case you should fix it.
Speak to a doctor
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I can't really see a doctor right now due to personal insurance issues but when I put my pinky down on a solo around d string to low e string my pinky hits the neck of the guitar is this my technique or something else because on hammerons I sorta slightly slam my pinky on the d string for example and the bottom part of my pinky hits the neck