Hey guys, just picked up an ESP LTD 100QM with custom Duncans for the PUPS. Looking to upgrade my VIP 3 Vypry 100 watt modeling amp to something with a more "pure sound". I played on a friends Crate Flexwave 2 x 12 combo and thought it sounded pretty nifty. Anyways, guitar center has an AVT 150 for around $220 and I was wondering if any of you guys have experience with this amp. Im looking to probably spend about 200-300 on a used amp. I play mostly classic rock and Metallica type stuff. Wattage isnt overly important as I more so play for myself because I enjoy it, not to write and tour the world kind of deal. So the most Id be playing with is another guitarist or bassist. Thanks guys!

Probably not a great call, won't be an upgrade on your Peavey, might even sound worse.

I'd be looking at;

- Peavey classic or ultra series,
- Jet city 20 and 50 watters,
- Marshall DSL401 (preferably not the new DSL),
- Perhaps Laney's VC and LC series,
- Some of the Traynor YCV series (40 and 50 watters),
it's better than the avt. i'm not sure it's amazing, though (and I haven't tried the newer version).
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Has anyone used the MicroTerror? Ive seen some reviews and it seems perfect for a bedroom-jamming type of amp
The old JCM2000 DSL401 is a great little amp, miles ahead of an AVT.
The Micro Terror is a bit meh. The bigger Terrors are good though, take a look at the Dual Terror.
Have a look at Jet City too.
Peavey Classic 30 may satisfy you as well.
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