I am looking for talented distinctive individuals for my band. Who won't let me down are are dedicated and enthusiastic.

I have written lyrics and got an ambitious album concept ready. I can do a range of vocals yet I'm still working on a unique distinct style, I can sing as well. I have a lot of energy for this, I've also been playing guitar purely for a demo concept, which I'm making especially to showcase on here to get people interested in joining:

Titled Darkness Flourishing

This is the song before the character in the album concept goes fully crazy, as the story goes down a fictional reign of madness. And I've got a couple of tracks before this that I've visioned to be more commercial, like metalcore or something, then into a very dark atmospheric and brutal sound; black metal.

(mirror http://vocaroo.com/i/s11LuxscEC1T)
(another take)http://puu.sh/baqqw/0206cad638.mp3

This is not the sound I'm aiming for but something I'd like to add more to, I've got a diverse range of ideas. Yes this is the core I suppose, vocals quite rough and restricted as I'm in a flat while playing guitar too.

I'd love a synth player and drummer, as well as guitarists as I want the full sound, so dual guitars is a must, I don't want to play guitar live but I'll help with writing.

I'm an extreme person and would enjoy to create controversy and crazy performances on stage. You must be dedicated, I'm aiming to get a studio in the next couple of weeks so we can practice every night.

If you're interested message me on here and I'll get back to you straight away.