For some reason, my right hand technique just feels weird. I think it is sloppy and if I ever try to speed things up, it is always my right hand holding me back. I am using Eric Johnson jazz 3 picks. Any advice?
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Look at the guide to all techniques sticky and read the picking part.

Practice some hard picking exercises slowly (try Freepower's exercises of doom in the sticky), make sure you are using the smallest motions you can with both hands while keeping your entire body relaxed. Minimizing tension and using small movements is the key to good technique and only once you have good technique will you be able to play fast comfortably.

Also make sure your left and right hands are in sync, this is usually the limiting factor in picking because it's very hard to do.
Play some metallica older songs and slayer stuff, or any thrash metal rhythm guitar with loads of tremolo picking, it'll build up strength in your hand. Also, with that, practice alternate picking on regular basis (because of hands synchronisation), and you'll start to see improvement. That's how it worked, and still working for me (if you're into metal).
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Take note that most of the post mentioned practicing slow, this is very important. Trying to play fast too quickly leads to bad technique and sloppy playing very easily. Always start slow if your playing is sloppy or doesn't sound right, helps you notice what's wrong with your technique and pay attention to detail so that your cleaning becomes and stays clean as you bring your playing up to speed. It's very tempting to attempt playing too fast but you need to practice slow if you want to be able to play cleanly.