On the guitar I'm fixing up, I decided to put some tree decals on it to give it a new, natural flare. The only problem with it is that the decals- called decals by wal-mart, they are actually just stickers- have a fairly nasty glare to them, and the border around the actual visual sticker is noticeable. I know stickers aren't really the best way to add art to a guitar, but this was the best option for me.

From a distance you can't really notice, and that's why it's not too big of a deal. But if there is a way where I can maybe re-finish the guitar or something that would reduce the glare and the presence of the borders, that would be sweet. I would think that re-finishing (since the original finish on the guitar is old) would boost the shine of the wood and it would be less of a contrast against the stickers.

Thanks for any help c: